Because after the amuse-bouche, the feast and the cheeseboard, you might fancy a few drinks. At the highest pub in Britain. Why not? Day 48 (Saturday 20 July 2019) Hawes to Tan Hill (16½ miles) Cumulative: 670½ miles Facts: Time on walk: 5 hours 55 minutes. Average speed: 2.79 mph. Weather: Grey, overcast; rain from […]

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Welcome to LEJoG Day 47 (Gromit) Day 47 pre-amble The third instalment in my little food analogy. After the feast you might expect a dessert, but some people (notably my uncle) go for a cheeseboard, right? Especially if they’re heading for the capital of Wensleydale… LEJoG Day 47 (Sunday 26 May 2019) Horton-in-Ribblesdale to Hawes […]



Welcome to LEJoG Day 46 – tuck in Day 46 pre-amble Certainly the best day walk on the Pennine Way so far, and arguably the best walk of my LEJoG to date. I’d go so far as to say if you don’t enjoy this stage, you’ve no business being a distance walker. With the caveat […]

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Welcome to your table, do sit down and enjoy LEJoG Day 45 Day 45 pre-amble  Today’s post is named after the early sighting (from a distance) of Malham Cove, which is used for the header image. The meal analogy continues with the next two stages: there’s a very unequal split between Days 45 and 46 in terms […]

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