I’ve found a true connection with Scotland – LEJoG Day 71 Day 71 pre-amble A Chart Music-inspired 1970s song reference there, for all the pop-crazed youngsters. The ‘Moor’ is Rannoch Moor, the largest expanse of uninhabited wilderness in Britain. I’m sure I read that somewhere but can’t find it in the Trailblazer guidebook or online […]

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National Parks no more – LEJoG Day 70 Day 70 pre-amble After a blitz of three posts in four days, I’ve taken a little break. The blog has received more hits than ever before in the last 7 days, so I could argue that the hiatus is a deliberate policy, enabling visitors to sample as […]

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Yes, I have walked 500 miles and now I’ve walked 500 more: LEJoG Day 69 Day 69 pre-amble You knew this was coming once I reached the 1000 mile mark, surely. LEJoG Day 69 (Saturday 19 September 2020) Inversnaid to Tyndrum (19½ miles) Cumulative: 1,006 miles! And without walking into the sea as well. Facts: […]

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